Credits and Acknowledgements


A list like this just doesn't happen, it takes a lot of research and work. It draws upon the past works as most works do, and would not exist without the research and assistance of others. The Following print and electronic sources were used in the creation of this list.

  • Network and Cable TV Shows 1946-Present 7th Edition
    © 1999
    Tim Brooks & Earl Marsh
  • Television Cartoon Shows 1949-1993
    © 1995
    Hal Erickson
  • Syndicated Television: The First 40 years - 1947-1987
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  • KidsTV: The First 25 Years
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  • American Science Fiction
    Television of the 1950s
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  • Total Television
    >4th Edition © 1996
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  • Science Fiction Television Series 1959-1989
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  • The Complete Encyclopedia of Television Programs 1947-1976
    Volumes I & II © 1976
    Vincent Terrace

And last but certainly not least, I thank the posters at both the SF/F forum and for their assistance in proofing this list.

Any inaccuracies in this list are the fault of the compiler, and in no way reflect upon the source material.



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