Frequently Asked Questions

01. So, what is this site?
02. How did you choose what shows were listed?
03. How did you decide what show fit?
04. What do you consider Sci-Fi?
05. What do you consider Fantasy?
06. What Horror do you include?
07. Cartoons? Why include cartoons?
08. Why isn't Huckleberry Hound (or other 'taking animial' show) on your list?
09. Where's 'X'?
10. What's with the news, quotes, etc.
11. List looks great, but can I get it sorted another way?

1. So, what is this site?

Well, it came out of a question. About a year ago, someone on the SF/F forum was asking about sf/f shows on TV. It prompted me to want to find out. So I checked a few sites, and found plenty of shows, but each site was missing shows. There didn't seem to be one place where all the SF/F shows were listed. I then sought to remedy that situation. In it's humble beginnings, it was simply a list. But as I played with it, it grew on me.

2. How did you choose what shows were listed?

My first thought was to follow the mandate of the Sci-Fi Channel here in the U.S. List Sci-fi, Fantasy and Horror programs. And since I live in the U.S., I thought it would be easiest to find shows that aired here. If I couldn't find evidence that it was aired in the U.S., I didn't include it.

3. How did you decide what show fit?

It's subjective, of course. What one person thinks of as Sci-Fi or Fantasy may not qualify to someone else. I tried to take as wide an interpretation of the subject matter as possible. To some, Wild, Wild West would not be Sci-Fi, to others the upcoming series Revalations wouldn't be. To me they are, and since it's my list, it's my call.

4. What do you consider Sci-Fi?

If a show deals with ficticious events in space, future events, time travel of some sort, or technology advanced for it's time period, it's Sci-Fi to me.

5. What do you consider Fantasy?

Fantasy is even more open ended than Sci-Fi. If a show's central concept revolves around a supernatural ability, being or event, it's Fantasy. Supernatural magic as opposed to stage magic, makes it Fantasy. The portrayal of gods, or their agents makes a show fantasy, whether they are ancient god-myths, or current religious beliefs.

6. What Horror do you include?

Suprisingly, most horror will fall into either the Sci-Fi or Fantasy category. If it doesn't, it won't go on this list.

7. Cartoons? Why include cartoons?

When I posted my first pass at this list, I got many notes asking where the cartoons were. Originally, I hadn't given a thought to listing them, seeing as I was never as big a cartoon fan. I was more into live-action SF/F. But I decided to try and make this list as complete as possible, so I began the research.

8. Why isn't Huckleberry Hound (or other 'taking animial' show) on your list?

Well, when it came to cartoons, I had to draw a line. And that line was with 'talking animals'. Yes, talking animals are fantasy, but when looking at the show, as a whole, I had to make a call. If the talking animals function in a universe where their talking is the norm, they don't count as fantasy. However, if talking animals are in circumstances that would lead me to qualify a live-action show as SF/F, they are included, like Underdog, or Secret Squirrel.

9. Where's 'X'?

Hey, I'm not perfect. I will freely admit that. This list is a permanent work-in-progress. If you think I missed a show, let me know. Just let me know the title, where it first aired in the US, when it first aired, and when it went off the air. If I can verify it, it goes on the list, and you have the satisfaction of saying to yourself 'Ha, the loser missed one and I got it on the list'. Just don't say tht to me, it'll hurt my feelings. ;-)

10. What's with the news, quotes, etc.?

Well, as my site grew beyond a mere list into a bit more, I felt more content was in order. I check several SF/F sites a day looking for the latest news, so I figured why not put up reference to what I find out. It won't be the latest breaking news, or hot original scoops, but if you don't mind being a day or so behind the world, and want one place to stop by and see what's happening sF/F-wise, I'm glad to be of service.

As for the quotes? Hell, I love good quotes. I have looked for meaningful quotes, and funny quotes. If you have a favorite quote from a listed show, I'd be happy to add it to my quotes database.

11. List looks great, but can I get it sorted another way?

Well, yea you can. On the current program page, just click on one of the column headings, and the list will be sorted by that column. The same works for the grids on the historical lists. Click the column heading, and the data sorts.



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